‘Just hunt for another woman’

Plenty to go around

12 June 2019 | Social Issues


Gender affairs minister Doreen Sioka has urged men to find another partner when their relationships go sour, as there are more women than men in Namibia.

Sioka was speaking at Nkurenkuru yesterday, where she handed over equipment under the ministry’s Income Generating Activities (IGA) programme.

“If you don’t want me or I don’t want you, leave me in peace, go and hunt for another one. Women are many in this country, if you don’t want that woman, don’t kill, just go and marry another one,” Sioka said.

She advised men to accept it when a woman ends a relationship.

“If the girl says no, it’s no, you should not force something. I don’t know what type of law we should put in place,” Sioka said.

She said women endure many challenges and go through a lot to maintain their households but they end up as victims of abusive men who were supposed to protect them.

Sioka also pointed out that in some cases gender violence is committed by educated men who know that women should be treated with respect.

Last week, Kavango West governor Sirkka Ausiku said in her state of the region address that 23 cases of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm had been recorded in the region during the year under review. There were also 16 cases of common assault, 12 cases of assault by threat, 11 cases of attempted murder and five rape cases.