Jailed secretary earned N$600k using forged qualification

12 October 2021 | Justice



The Otjiwarongo Magistrate's Court last week sentenced Ester Hihanguapo, who worked as an executive secretary for corporate services at the Central North Regional Electricity Distributor (Cenored) using a forged qualification, to four years in jail.

Hihanguapo – who earned N$600 000 during her two years at Cenored –

previously worked for the Otjozondjupa regional council, also using a fake grade 12 certificate.

Already fired at Cenored two years ago after the forgery was detected, she was sentenced to four years on Friday, of which two years were suspended.

She was given a fine of N$16 000 as an alternative to the two-year jail term.

An external whistle-blower tipped off Cenored that Hihanguapo does not have a grade 12 certificate and that she had forged another person’s certificate to secure the job at the power distribution company. Cenored verified with the education ministry that indeed the serial number on the certificate belonged to someone else – a friend of Hihanguapo, who later testified against her.

It emerged during the trial that Hihanguapo got hold of her friend’s certificate under the pretence of making copies of it to apply for jobs for her.