It only takes one trainer who believes in you

Consuming himself to light the way for others.

28 February 2020 | Business

Michelline Nawatises

An introvert at heart, William Mouers is a human resource trainer for MultiChoice Namibia. His duties and key deliverables comprise of product, systems and soft skills training for the company’s Customer Experience and Care Division.

Another imperative function under his practice is to facilitate learning and development initiatives within the business, which includes championing for the e-learning platforms they have available for their employees, along with administering the staff's personal development plans and overseeing study loan processes.

His biggest challenge by far has been fully integrating e-learning as the best industry practice within today’s corporate culture. Digitisation is the new preferred method of interface for many organisations, but there are still individuals who are fearful of technology. “My biggest accomplishment would have to be that I’ve grown and cemented myself strongly within the Learning and Development (L&D) space,” he says.

Over time, Mouers truly grasped the essence of what L&D really represents as it fully equips employees to reach their potential, which allows them to optimally perform at their best.

According to Mouers, his days in the office are never the same. They comprise of meetings with line managers where they converse on how he can be supportive from an L&D perspective.

“Along with that, I am responsible for scheduling and facilitating training sessions, compiling numerous reports, dealing with training needs analysis and reading a lot to stay up to date with industry practices,” he adds.

He draws his love and inspiration from God and his enthusiasm towards reading and researching about motivation, healthy living and self-empowerment. The advice he would give to aspiring young people out there is to never to give up when times are tough.

“I was an unemployed graduate for three years, but my tenacity never allowed me to throw in the towel,” he says, boldly.

When asked by Careers what his future plans are, he mentioned that he is aspiring to further build on his knowledge and expertise within the L&D space.

One thing you may not know about him is that he used to work for a South African performance theatre company as a singer, where he travelled extensively all over the world which enabled him to visit over ten countries in four continents.