Inmate mistakenly released

07 May 2021 | Police



Mariental prison officials are set to face disciplinary measures after Bernadus Khariseb was mistakenly released from the correctional facility.

The inmate they were supposed to release is Bernadus Gariseb.

This was confirmed by the Commissioner General of the Namibian Correctional Service, Raphael Hamunyela, who said it is clear that these officials failed to follow standing procedures used when an inmate is released.

“We failed to follow procedures. Even their surnames and their crimes are not the same. Disciplinary measures will come automatically,” he said.

He added that Gariseb was released on the same day as Khariseb, despite the mix-up.

“The person who came to pay the fine was still waiting for the person to come and when he asked for the person to come out, he was told the person was just there. Then he said ‘no that one [Gariseb] was not yet here, but that one [Khariseb] already passed through, he went already’. And then they realised that they removed Khariseb instead of Gariseb,” he said.

The Hardap prison chief, Commissioner Sam Frans, also confirmed the incident, but would not elaborate on the charges the men faced.

Instead, he referred questions to the correctional services’ public relations department.

Meanwhile, Namibian Correctional Services spokesperson, Commissioner Sam Shaalulange, is currently on leave and was not reachable.

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