“I imagined a better life for myself and knew that one day I would make it in life.”- Naftal Nghishekwa

One of Namibia’s first young, black-owned marketing agencies

30 July 2021 | Business

Desiree Gases

TST was founded in 2012 and is a full-service advertising and market research company combining qualitative and quantitative approaches to deliver rich, operational, and reliable results.

They are a 100% Namibian-owned company and has vast knowledge of local consumer patterns and dynamics. This allows them to offer effective marketing solutions which are suitable to grow and expose the services of their clients to the public. TST has its headquarters in Prosperita Industrial Park, Windhoek.

TST was founded by Naftal Nghishekwa. He is a 26-year-old born and raised in Windhoek with over eight years’ experience in the marketing industry. He acquired his marketing degree from the Polytechnic of Namibia and is currently one of the youngest marketing managers in the country.

When asked what motivated him to start this business, Naftal Nghishekwa said: “Growing up in Katutura exposed me to different struggles, which contributed to how I viewed the world and I imagined a better life for myself and knew that one day I would make it in life. My love for marketing started when I used to work for a printing company (Dune Fox) where I was responsible for getting new clients. I also worked for a company that does activations and that’s how my marketing journey started. I knew this was what I wanted to do, so I decided to start TST Marketing and Advertising Agency and the rest is history.”

The marketing industry is very competitive and hard to break into. One constantly needs to prove yourself and keep up with the latest marketing trends. When it comes to challenges in the industry, Naftal Nghishekwa says, “Most people would not take a chance on you when starting out, so you need to be creative and prepared for all the trials and tribulations that comes with being in the industry. Covid-19 was unexpected and the marketing industry was one of the hardest hit, however my creative team and I made the most of it by staying positive and looking into less traditional marketing avenues like digital marketing. The pandemic taught us new ways of being innovative while still delivering the high-quality of work that our clients expect from us.”

“The benefit of this line of work is that one is constantly kept on one’s toes. Working with different brands and personalities keeps you enthusiastic to continue nurturing the relationships between brands and consumers, as we often play the middle man between clients and consumers,” says Naftal Nghishekwa.

In a highly competitive industry like marketing, TST Marketing has prevailed. One of TST’s marketing’s biggest achievements was being the first young, black-owned Namibian marketing agency, along with the youngest marketing manager and staff. TST currently has 10 fulltime staff and 40 part-time employees. They also boast with an impressive clientele which includes the likes of Old Mutual, Bokomo Namibia, Namcor and NamPost.

When it comes to giving back to the community, TST has an internship programme which equips students with the necessary skills needed to excel in their chosen careers. This is a six-months intense training programme that enables them to become well-rounded corporate professionals. Some of their interns have gone on to start their own businesses, which has also resulted in the employment of other youths.