Hompa irked by N$2k allowance

21 July 2020 | Local News

Kenya Kambowe


The leader of the Mbunza Traditional Authority, Hompa Alfons Kaundu, says the N$2 000 monthly allowance he receives from government is not enough to sustain his living standard, adding that he is now forced to fork out funds from his personal kitty to lead the vast Mbunza community.

Kaunda said he is accommodating orphans and vulnerable children from the community at his palace and the allowance is not enough to cater for their needs.

The traditional leader also revealed that since government procured a vehicle for him 13 years ago, he has been forced to service it with his limited resources, and that the N$1 000 monthly fuel allowance he used to get was stopped about 10 years.

He further alleged that since donating a piece of land to the agriculture ministry for the establishment of the Sikondo green scheme, the Mbunza community has not benefitted much from what he thought would be a solution to their food security and unemployment woes.

Not reasonable

He said the majority of the people employed at the irrigation project are not from his community, something which does not sit well with him after having removed people from the land prior to donating it to the state.

He further said maize is irrigated at the green scheme, yet it is sent elsewhere for packaging and then sold to the community at a high price, while the land was donated for free.

“The N$2 000 we are getting is not reasonable if you look at our living standards,” Kaundu said yesterday during a courtesy visit by Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) leader McHenry Venaani.

“Government told us to use the resources in our communities for the betterment of the lives of the people in our communities, however, we are told we don't have rights when we decide to sell the resources,” Kaundu said.

Illegally harvested timber

He made an example of the illegally harvested timber his traditional authority confiscated from Chinese nationals, which was diverted to the state. He called on government to consider the plight of traditional authorities, as they are overwhelmed with responsibilities, yet funding is limited. When asked about the remuneration of traditional authority leaders, Venaani said he took note of Kaundu's concerns and he will take up the matter.

The PDM leader added that community leaders play an instrumental role in society.

Meanwhile, the PDM is in the process of tabling a landmark motion in the National Assembly which will look at discussing issues such as high poverty levels in the poorer regions, the PDM leader said.

Venaani, who will be in the two Kavango regions for a number of days, will be meeting with traditional leaders, government administrators and a number of key stakeholders to address issues of national importance.

Venaani is accompanied by new PDM parliamentarians Inna Hengari and Sydney Ndumbah, as well the party's regional leaders.