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30 August 2019 | Business


Skelly Muuondjo-Fraser, who was formerly in an Oviritje group called Tjitjekura Tjeriama and now lives in Canada, recently returned home with gifts for young Namibians.

Muuondjo-Fraser says she saw the need in her country and decided to donate a variety of items, from stationery to maths books, to her alma mater, the C. Ngatjizeko Primary School at Otjinene.

“You don’t need any other inspiration than that of a child in need,” she said.

The Lady-Skelly Children’s Foundation strives to give hope to children all over the country by teaching them basic lifelong values and helping them with their primary needs. The foundation will be run by different members who signed up to help, seeing that Muuondjo-Fraser lives in Canada.

“We will be hosting a meeting for everyone involved, so that I can start to allocate different tasks to people who will help me run the foundation in Namibia,” she said.

The main objective is to help children, and that will remain the core goal of the foundation.

“If you do nothing at all, nothing will happen,” Skelly’s husband added.

With all the negative feedback and comments that they have received for not helping children in Canada instead, Skelly said they were trying to do good where the need is greatest.

Some of the projects they plan to bring to Namibia include sponsoring a disadvantaged child, a youth mentoring programme, volunteer teachers and school exchange programmes.

The future is bright for Lady Skelly Children’s Foundation. Keep looking out for them.

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Capt1- Skelly Muuondjo-Fraser strives to give hope to children all over the country.