Having the courage to follow your dreams

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going

02 August 2019 | People

Mariselle Stofberg

Even though every day presents a new set of challenges, Uvatera Gowases takes it step by step and says that being able to get home in once piece is one of the small victories she celebrates every day.

“I believe the satisfaction of knowing that I have managed and am still managing to do what is expected of me day to day is an accomplishment in itself.”

Fear of failure has a way of discouraging people to take risks and venture into new opportunities, but Gowases encourages people to never allow fear to stop you from following your dreams.

“Just do it! Don’t let the fear of what may not be keep you from experiencing the greatness of what could be if you just tried.”

Gowases attended primary school at M.H. Greeff, after which she went on to Jan Möhr secondary school and finally ended up at the Polytechnic of Namibia where she completed a degree in biomedical science.

“I grew up in Katutura in Grysblok, where I made many fond memories that I can still remember today. We later moved to Windhoek North just as I was starting high school and my family still lives there to date.”

Even though Gowases excels and loves her career, she also had other aspirations whilst growing up.

“Growing up I always wanted to become a paediatrician. I absolutely love babies! Looking back now though, I’m not sure if I would have been able to handle the emotional stress that comes with it.”

The management of NamBTS is of the utmost importance and Gowases plays a critical role in ensuring this.

“My work entails overseeing the process of blood separation and ensuring that all procedures are followed and relevant documentation is checked for accuracy and correctness.”

It is also her responsibility to perform and monitor the quality control for products produced and ensure that they meet the relevant requirements.

Moving from only being an employee to becoming a supervisor has produced a new set of challenges for Gowases.

“I had to go from being accountable for just myself and my work to overseeing the work of others, which was quite the adaptation. Also, just working with and having to oversee people who all have diverse characters and come from different backgrounds requires nerves of steel.”

Gowases’s foundation in life is built on her strong relationship with God. “I love God, I love His word and that is what inspires me and keeps me grounded. I also absolutely love music and more so the kind that glorifies God.”

Not only does Gowases enjoy listening to gospel music, but she recently started writing her own songs.

Even though Gowases is unique, she also shares some of her looks with her twin, which is something many people might not be aware of.

“My smile is my biggest asset and superpower! I’m always smiling regardless of how tough things may get and I’m always eager to lend a helping hand where I can.”

The maturity, determination and steadfastness evident in Gowases’s life was strongly influenced by her father.

“He has always been this great example of leadership, of wisdom, and principles. His life journey has been and continues to be awesome to watch, and from him I have learnt many of the principles I still apply in life today.”

Gowases is still determined to do more and become more in life, and this determination fuels her every day. “I want to start a family, pursue purpose, live intentionally and make an impact wherever I go. The story of Uvatera Gowases continues.”