Harnessing curiosity

The importance of planning ahead

03 July 2020 | Banking

Mariselle Stofberg

The diverse and ambitious Marion Scheün advises young individuals to find something that they are passionate about and cultivate that into a career. “Always be curious to learn more and to find ways to improve your work.”

Scheün was born at Katima Mulilo, where some of her earliest childhood memories are of the elephants roaming the streets. “I was in awe of them and thought they were the most majestic creatures I have ever seen.”

Scheün’s family relocated to Walvis Bay when she was seven. After matriculating from Walvis Bay Private High School, she spread her wings and moved to the Big Apple, New York City.

“This experience has taught me to be independent and self-reliant. I met people from all over the world and enjoyed learning more about their cultures.” Through this exciting venture, Scheün has realised that a smile is universal and needs no translation.

Some of her best memories are from the people she met, the places she visited, and the concerts and Broadway shows she attended.

“I moved back to Namibia in 2008 and began my career locally. A love for holistic financial planning was born when I saw how proper financial advice improved the lives of clients.”

While working in the industry, Scheün completed her Higher Certificate, Advanced Certificate, and Postgraduate Diploma in financial planning and is currently studying towards the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) board exam.

“My new position entails doing holistic financial planning for clients, analysing their financial and personal circumstances, suggesting bespoke solutions to fit their needs, and doing regular reviews with clients,” Scheün added.

“This position has offered me new opportunities to broaden my advice offering to clients. My new position also offers me the opportunity to share the knowledge and experience I have gained over the years with my colleagues and clients.”

Scheün embraces the challenge of improving her technical skills, getting to know new procedures, products, and maintaining and growing their client base.

Scheün loves spending time with family, friends, dogs and enjoys volunteering at the SPCA. Her compassion for animals plays an important role in her life. “The dogs I have fostered have inspired me with their unconditional love, ability to overcome their tragic pasts, and to be grateful for a new chance in life.”

Scheün has four huskies, of which two were rescues that she adopted.

Her parents have inspired her to work hard and to appreciate all the opportunities life offers.

Apart from her love for animals, Scheün is also a self-confessed chocoholic who hates cold weather, has skydived before, loves movies and even wanted to become a director when she was younger.

If she were celebrating her success for 2020 in a year’s time, Scheün would want to celebrate achievements such as clients who are satisfied and in whose lives she has made a positive impact, and the experience and knowledge she has gained in her work.

“I hope to also have strengthened the relationships with colleagues, clients and stakeholders,” she added.