Hambuda wants N$260k for working 37 days

14 October 2021 | Local News



Former City of Windhoek executive Fillemon Hambuda is seeking N$260 000 from the municipality in remuneration for services rendered from 1 September to 7 October 2020.

But following the municipality’s refusal to meet his demands, he dragged his former employer to the Office of the Labour Commissioner where he registered a case of unfair discrimination, claiming a “refusal of salary entitlement for services rendered”.

Hambuda resigned on 30 November 2020 after he was elected to serve as a councillor on the City council on an Independent Patriots for Change (IPC) ticket. He has since quit that position too, less than a year into the job.

He was a full-time employee of the municipality until 1 August 2017 when his permanent employment was converted into a fixed-term employment contract of three years and five months. The contract was due to lapse on 31 December 2020.

Documents from the Labour Commissioner seen by Namibian Sun detail the nature of the fight between Hambuda and his former employer, with each party sticking to its guns.

Hambuda said his former employer “unlawfully and unfairly refused to pay him his remuneration for services rendered”.

Meanwhile, acting City CEO George Mayumbelo questioned the amount cited in Hambuda’s claim in a letter dated 11 October.


“Given that Mr Hambuda opted for early retirement with effect from 30 November 2020, but the election results were announced on 27 November 2020 before his retirement date, it may require that we revisit his severance pay-out and level of benefits,” Mayumbelo said in the letter addressed to the councillors informing them of Hambuda’s claim.

Mayumbelo added that the municipality made several attempts to resolve the matter by inviting Hambuda and his legal team so that the calculations of his [Hambuda’s] severance pay can be explained to him.

They allegedly never pitched.

When approached for comment on the pay-out sought by Hambuda, Mayumbelo said “the matter is at the Labour Commissioner now, we will meet him there”.

Hambuda, in turn, refused to comment, saying “just ask the City. I did not [just] arrive at that amount”.