Hakusembe not shaken by opposition in Rundu

17 September 2020 | Politics

Kenya Kambowe


Swapo's Rundu Urban district coordinator, Gabriel Hakusembe, says the party is not deterred or threatened by newly formed political parties, associations and movements likely to contest in the regional and local authority elections at the riverside town later this year.

In 2015, Swapo scooped five of the seven seats on the Rundu town council after these elections.

The ruling party's Victoria Kauma was elected regional councillor for the Rundu Urban constituency.

However, the past five years haven't been smooth sailing for the ruling party - the five councillors' tenure was dominated by infighting, defying of headquarters directives, threatening legal action and disunity amongst party members in the Rundu Urban District. This eventually led to former minister of urban and rural development, Peya Mushelenga, suspending the entire council indefinitely without pay.

Swapo's failures

The dire situation also saw the birth of the Rundu Urban Community Association and with other political parties and associations, they have been using Swapo's failures as fodder to campaign for the upcoming elections.

Over the past few months, Namibian Sun has observed the Landless People's Movement, the Popular Democratic Movement, the All Peoples Party and the new kid on the block, the Independent Patriots for Change, hard at work registering members in Rundu.

However, according to Hakusembe, the ruling party sees no threat emanating from the formation of new parties and associations.

He said despite the party's performance over the past five years, they expect a clean sweep on the Rundu town council, as they plan to regain all seven seats.

No fear

“As the Swapo Party Rundu urban district coordinator, I don't have any fear about seeing a new political party. They have no threat on us. We are ready for them,” Hakusembe said.

“We are very much ready for the election. For Rundu Urban, we are going to scoop all seven seats on the council.

“The people still believe in the party and that is evident from our roadshows. The turn up was almost 100%.”

When asked about the Swapo Rundu Urban district executive committee, Hakusembe said they still regard the five suspended councillors as comrades and that they are invited to smoke a peace pipe.

“They are still comrades, we are still in love with them,” he said.