‘Hairareb’ goes international

Celebrating one of Namibia’s most prolific actors

23 July 2021 | Art and Entertainment



Ndapunikwa Investments announced the international premiere of ‘Hairareb’, which has been chosen as an official selection for this year’s Durban International Film Festival.

The film has already garnered a number of accolades, including best narrative film, best director and best male actor, for the late veteran actor David Ndjavera, at the Namibian Theatre and Film Awards.

The international premiere of ‘Hairareb’ enables wider audiences to experience the best Namibian cinema has to offer, and is a further opportunity to celebrate the great legacy of one of Namibia’s most talented and prolific performers, with the recently departed actor playing the lead character in one of his last feature film appearances.

A love letter to Namibians

“’Hairareb’ is a love letter to all Namibians, and we appreciate the opportunity to offer it as a gift to be enjoyed by all during the Durban International Film Festival 2021,” said Dantagos Jimmy-Melani, the film’s executive producer. Based on a book by August C. Bikeur and developed into a script by Aina Ligola Kwedhi, the film was produced by Ellen Ernst and directed by Oshoveli Shipoh.