Gweri Vintage Socks goes commercial

05 April 2019 | Art and Entertainment

Gweri Vintage Socks has partnered with Nictus and is now selling some of its designs at the Nictus Giga store in Windhoek.

Speaking to tjil, the founder of Gweri Vintage Socks Zulu Boy, real name Pinehas Megameno Shikulo, said Nictus approached them because they wanted to align their company to a Namibian brand. “They offered us their space, bought 100 pairs and promised that as soon they finish the stock, they will order 1 000 pairs which will then be distributed to other branches.”

“The special thing about this deal is that Nictus has designs that are exclusively being sold at their store,” added Zulu.

Candy Muller from Nictus described Gweri Vintage Socks as an exciting Namibian brand. Muller mentioned that at Nictus they aim to be the furniture connoisseurs and that means being an expert judge in matters of taste in furniture. “Now while socks are not furniture, our tagline is ‘Quality, value, variety and service’, so bringing in unique Namibian socks adds to our variety aspect at Nictus Giga in Windhoek,” said Muller.

Speaking on the duration of the partnership, Muller shared that Gweri Vintage Socks will be sold at Nictus Giga Windhoek as long as there is demand. “It is basic economics. When people demand socks, we will supply socks. If people demand it in Ongwediva, then we will supply it in Ongwediva,” said Muller.