Gweri Socks starts 2019 on the right foot

25 January 2019 | Art and Entertainment

Artist and entrepreneur Zulu of Gweri Socks has encouraged the youth to be go-getters.

The Gweri Socks collection continues to make positive changes in society, including fostering the spirit of collaborations between industries.

Having made over 1 000 pairs of socks, Zulu said the aim of Gweri Socks is to create jobs within the creative industry and so far they are on the right track.

As part of their endeavours to create jobs and encouraging collaborations, Zulu and his team launched a project where they called for members of the public to come up with designs that can be used on socks and other upcoming projects. So far they have received more than 20 applications and the designs are authentic and Namibian.

“This is a way of giving back to the community and also encouraging locals to inspire each other and tell our stories,” he said.

Zulu said they are looking at widening their market and will launch a tie, handkerchief and household printed materials that are all Namibian inspired. He believes at the moment there are a few brands that particularly represent Namibian fashion, hence his desire for Gweri Vintage to soar.

The singer established his Gweri Vintage Collection four years ago, but things picked up pace last year with his clothing and socks gaining more traction in the market. Zulu also said he will soon open up a shop to sell all his products.

He said he will be taking part in the upcoming Kasi Vibe Festival on 1 to 3 March where his brand grew from. In conclusion, Zulu advises the youth to go out and create jobs for themselves when doors shut in their faces.

“Yes there is a lack of jobs all of over but you can create them yourselves. There are always opportunities out there, you just need to find them. It was a struggle for us at the beginning, but we found a way,” he said.

“I delegate and this is simply because I have a vision for Gweri Vintage and everything made needs to look a certain way.”

June Shimuoshili