Gratitude on PDK's 12th album

A review of PDK's latest offering

14 June 2019 | Art and Entertainment

What can we say about PDK that you haven't heard before? We could say they are the epitome of longevity, or we could say they are hit-makers and we would not just be saying that to hype them up. There are a multitude of overly glamorous adjectives we could use to describe PDK, but let's just summarise it in one sentence… they are grateful.

Officially launched last week Friday in Windhoek, PDK's Grateful album is produced by Glo, Brown Klaxic, K Ketu and Andrew On The Beat. Grateful features Mulberry, Blossom, Top Cheri, King Elegant, Athawise and Tesh.

It boasts 15 tracks, all carrying kasi-related themes and experiences. On Grateful the trio maintain their sound, yet still manage to stay up-to-date with the current Namibian soundscape.

Patrick's singing is still well refined; Dion's delivery is still vigorous and Kamtonyo is still chilled, yet candidly solid. In terms of production, Glo provides what might be the strongest production on the project as displayed on tracks such as Tambuleni, Inda, Ondeya, Golf, Hambelela and Peace. Overall, the beats on this body of work are world-class, thanks to all the producers involved. The trio roped in guitarist Rodriguez on track nine titled Kenya. Rodriguez's guitar sounds are one of the album's best moments.

Overall the album packaged with hits, but some of the outstanding and single-worthy songs include Wanna Love You, OmnhuWoye, Party, Saka and Hambelela. PDK take the majority of the writing credit on the album, but Kamasutra, Blossom, Tesh and Mulberry are credited for contributing to the writing process of the songs on this album.

Another impressive element about this album is the track sequencing, Tambuleni was great of opening the album as it eases the listener to the tracks that follows after. The last song is also a nice closing song, they could not have picked a better tune.

Not a lot can be said to fault Grateful, however, music consumption has changed so I do feel like15 songs are maybe a lot for an album in 2019. I feel like there are about three songs that could have been left out and the album would have still been excellently executed. Personally, my least favourite song on the album is Opo; had they left it out and only kept Opo (house remix) I feel like it would have not taken away anything from the project.

All in all, Grateful is an amazing album that once again demonstrates the immense musical talents by the trio. The album is available at Antonio's Art.

Rating: 4.5/5