Glits, glam and lots of talent!

Expressing the hidden language of the soul

13 September 2019 | Art and Entertainment

Ester Kamati

The academy, which has two branches, each accommodating dancers between the ages of as young as five and the eldest, 21, will have up to 300 dancers gracing the stage from Tuesday, 17 September to Saturday, 21 September with fresh new moves.

This was initially a three-day show but tickets for the show were sold out within two weeks and thus, Anchen Wille, the founder of the dance academy deemed it necessary to have one more show on Saturday, 21 September for those who missed the first three shows. Tickets are available at Computicket for N$140 and preparations are under way for the performance-packed show with seven routines being performed.

This year, the show is themed ‘The greatest musicals’ and will showcase a glimpse of some of the songs that drew people to love musicals. “Dance is a big part of a musicals and we trust that the audience will enjoy seeing the dancers dance to all their favourite songs,” said Wille.

The group of 300 dancers is choreographed by Wille along with the academy’s new dance instructor Jame-Leigh Davids, who described the process behind the scenes as one that takes a lot of preparation. With almost 300 dancers in studio, the choreography can be a bit hectic. The younger dancers from the age of five would only have one dance routine to master as they may struggle to learn seven routines. “Attendees can expect to be entertained from the beginning of the show until the end,” she promised.

The dancers are preparing well and are ready to impress and bring all their energy.