Getting to know Meekulu Nadula Hainane

02 July 2021 | Art and Entertainment



Meekulu Nadula Hainane is an award-winning actress whose achievements entail starring in the movie ‘Kapana’ and being featured on the ‘Third Will’ TV series. She’s now expanding her portfolio as an upcoming film writer and director. tjil caught up with her and this is what she had to share.

tjil (t): As a Zikomo Africa awards representative in Namibia, what’s in store for the next Zikomo awards, and how does it feel to represent the country?

Meekulu Nadula Hainane (MND): I feel honoured and grateful. I am proud to be one of the first Zikomo Africa awards winners, and I hope we will set a great example for the generations to come and make use of this amazing opportunity.

I believe the next Zikomo Africa awards will have more people, as many people are showing interest and know that Zikomo awards is real and not a scam as many people believed.

t: What do you love most about the industry you work in?

MND: Whatever the project or the magnitude of it is, it requires one to share their talent with a lot of people and that is so satisfying for me.

t: What’s your dream production and why?

MND: My dream is actually to have a massive film production company run by myself. I believe women are more holistic and we think long-term. One day I would love to direct a full-length feature film I have written.

t: What’s the highlight of your career?

MND: Travelling this wonderful world we live in. Seeing its beauty, its people and it diverse cultures.

t: Lastly, please share your future plans with us?

MND: I am taking things one step at a time, remaining positive and following my brain first before my heart.