Get your pockets ready!

25 June 2019 | Business

Justicia Shipena

Standing for quality, value and service, Nictus Furnishers Namibia will host a scratch and dent auction alongside a local market on 29 June at Nictus Giga.

The auction will showcase items ranging from furniture, TVs, cellphones, rugs, decor and many others. The local market will allow local suppliers to display their products.

The supplier that sells the most stands a chance to be the winner of the Nictus local market. Customers who buy a product will have their receipt scanned, earning the seller points.

The winner at the local market gets a chance to have their products displayed inside Nictus.

Francois Wahl, retail operations manager at Nictus, said the process to look for local suppliers is something that is vital.

“We feel that supporting local is very important and it is neglected often times by Namibian corporates. So we want to find local suppliers to uplift and make use of much more,” he said.

Wahl said they are currently not making use of a lot of local suppliers, hence they want to change this, as they realised there are many local manufacturers in Namibia that need support.

“We started with sending out information asking if they are local suppliers we can make use of,” he said.

He added that the local market will have suppliers showcasing furniture, bed sets, chairs, coffee tables and other items like leather bags.

He also said they want to focus on the things that fit within the Nictus product range.

'It’s an opportunity for us to help them sell because we get more feet than they would necessarily have,” he said.

Wahl added that an additional benefit is hire purchase as they can finance product sales.

He stressed that Gweri socks was one of the first local suppliers Nictus introduced into their stores, which are sold in Ongwediva, Tsumeb, Walvis Bay and Swakopmund.

Make sure to go support local and grab affordable items at Nictus.