Furnmart,Home Corp strike continues

13 June 2019 | Labour

The countrywide strike by Furnmart and Home Corp employees is set to continue until the workers' demands are met.

This is according to Metal and Allied Namibian Workers' Union (Manwu) general secretary Justina Jonas.

The strike is in its second week.

Jonas said the local management of the two furniture retail outlets has not been forthcoming, despite the workers now demanding a 6% increase, compared to an initial demand of 12%. She said it has been extremely difficult to get hold of the management or owners in Botswana, where the companies are based.

“Furnmart (local) has told us they have nothing to offer and that the increase would be unsustainable, but they are refusing to show us their books so we can see for ourselves if it is unsustainable,” Jonas said.

According to Manwu deputy general secretary Enwich Tuvatera Kazondu, Furnmart and Home Corp have offered 6% salary increases to non-commission-based employees and nothing to commission-based employees. He added that workers have now opted to negotiate a 6% increment across-the-board and a transport allowance based on Namibia Bus and Taxi Association (Nabta) rates or a flat rate of N$400 for transport or an 8% increment for all workers. Jonas urged workers to close all Furnmart and Home Corp stores and join the strike.

“You cannot sit in air-conditioned offices while others are fighting for your increment and benefits,” she said. When Namibian Sun contacted the Furnmart head office, Mara Prinz at reception said management will not comment on the matter.

“Let us just stop it here, they will not talk about the strike,” she said.