Fresh and Popping: July music video edition

28 July 2021 | Art and Entertainment



I’m sure we can all agree that July has been a slow month for Namibian music. But the month isn’t over yet, and as we steadily approach the end of winter, tjil is sharing the latest Namibian music videos we think deserve some praise - or scrutiny.

‘Gee Hom Sy Prys’ – Roda featuring KP Illest, Dice and Uncle
Okay, if you haven’t watched this music video yet, what’s wrong with you? Afrikaans rapper and The Search 2021 winner Roda has the music fraternity acknowledging him once again. Apart from the fire beat and rhymes, the deep narrations stood out the most. Check it out:

‘Mind Nobody’ – Tapz featuring Don Kamati
Tapz has shown up on our radar a couple of times and there just seems to be something about him and his music. He is bound to make something of his magical journey and this is just another reminder from us to you. Now, don’t say we didn’t warn you. Watch his new single ‘Mind Nobody’ featuring Don Kamati on YouTube:

‘Jiggy’ – Lioness
Lioness is the latest artist to take on the RFC Studio Challenge where a song is made from scratch in 24 hours, complemented with visuals. This is for the purist rap fans who have been whining about Lioness rapping less. It’s a reminder that she is still the queen of rap as she assassinated the beat courtesy of 95 Beats and brought the ‘jiggy’ persona to the video shoot.

‘Uuyuni Wetu Lulila’ – Wampie G One Love featuring Drawer
If you surf the internet long enough, you will probably bump into upcoming artists Wampie G One Love and Drawer, because that’s what happened to us. The music is quite good and will leave anyone feeling positive for future drops. In fact, we predict great things here. Wampie G One Love and Drawer are pretty new to the industry right now, but tjil trusts that people will catch on soon. This single released on 16 July has raked in over 11 000 views on YouTube so far. Check it out here!