Flashing into a new era

12 April 2019 | Columns

Let me balance you like Sunny Boy back in the day and get straight to the point. I love art and entertainment. Okay, now that the obvious has been stated, let's move on shall we?

Since taking over tjil a few weeks ago I have been met with praise – yet also criticism. I have been met with pride – yet also concern. It is no secret that careers in entertainment are looked down upon by many. It is an African situation. The simple fact is that I am here to put in the work. I cannot pretend to have the answers all of the time, I am not omniscient but I am committed to you, entertainment. I am real enough to know that I have worked hard for you. I get worried when people in the industry do not get along over petty things because that delays progress. I hurt when you get raped by ignorant corporate companies, fake promoters, liars and toxic artists. I am just like every other music fan, we are in it for the love of the game like Jazzy Jeff.

What I set out to do in the beginning, and shall continue to do, is serve you with passion and dedication. The preservation, promotion and development of entertainment are rooted at the heart of my efforts.

Namibian music is no longer growing, it has grown. The music that has been coming out in recent years is really hot! Kp Illest, Gazza, Sally, Kalux, Adora, Exit, King Tee Dee, Young T, Jaleel, BlvcBoxx Entertainment crew, Lioness and LMPC. I cannot mention all of them but I am sure that you agree with me. I have also noticed that Namibian radio stations are now dominated with Namibian music; I hope that it only gets better from here on. When people think of Namibia they generally think of its breathtaking scenery, laid back atmosphere and find it to be one of the most relaxing holiday destinations. All these are facts, yes, but it's much more than just that. Entertainment is happening here too.

The music culture has the ability to enhance the quality of life for a society. Music can bring about personal enjoyment, intellectual stimulation while simultaneously providing public involvement. Not only can it bring a community together, it can also promote economic growth. I personally believe that having a society with established form of art and culture can bring in the most talented and brightest labour force. Look at how many economic opportunities platforms like Kasi Vibe create every year and it helps that this event happens about four times per year. Music festivals and well-defined expos are vital part of today's economy and I am glad that the youth of Namibia are exploiting these avenues. As a country, it is important to support local artists because, without local citizen support, the art they make would stop to make the impact it could make. When you support the Namibian artist community, you are supporting all of our respective creative freedom. Once artists are able to express themselves creatively and freely, beautiful music is made that can be admired by Namibia and the world.

In this edition we shine light on the genre of R&B and bring you other exciting entertainment news.

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