Fixed-price slaughter contracts introduced

Cattle must be compliant with EU requirements

29 July 2020 | Agriculture



Meatco has reintroduced its fixed-price slaughter contract to help farmers in delivering slaughter animals and in an attempt to secure consistent throughput for the Windhoek abattoir.

Meatco will release slaughter prices three to four months before the period in which farmers can enter into a fixed contract with the company.

According to Meatco, these prices will be published every Friday along with the regular slaughter prices. Generally, one week will represent each contract period and the price communicated will only be applicable for that week.

Each week, a pre-allocated available quota of slaughter animals will be announced. The contract opens from Monday at 08:00 until Thursday at 16:30 of the same week.

How to take part

Meatco said farmers must send their signed contracts via email, along with the signed offer for each week, to [email protected], which will be solely used for the trading of these contracts.

Those without access to email can visit their nearest Meatco office to sign a contract and send an email from there.

Producers have the option to apply for part of the quota per week.

“For example, if the prices for week 43 are more attractive than week 41, the producer may apply for that week. However, once the contract is entered into, it is fixed and binding.”

Producers cannot roll over signed contracts to the next contract period if an allocation is not obtained for the applied period.

Meatco added that producers must comply with FANmeat regulations when entering the contract.

Cattle must also be compliant with European Union export requirements and must be fit for human consumption as per the regulations of Directorate of Veterinary Services.