Finance ministry in alleged scam

31 October 2018 | Business

The ministry of finance has distanced itself from a scam in which members of the public are led to believe that it is offering a grant for a project in which aspiring small and medium enterprises have been invited to submit applications for grants under an alleged 'Entrepreneurship Development Funds And Grants'.
“This notice serves to inform the general public that it has come to our attention that there is a scam in a form of a malicious web link that is being circulating via different modes of communication, such as social media platforms, short message servicing and e-mails. This malicious scam is purporting that the Ministry of Finance is offering what it termed to be 'Entrepreneurship Development Funds And Grants',” the circular apparently authored by Shafudah read.
Spokesperson in the ministry of finance, Andreas Ileka said that the scammers created a link which leads to a web page impersonating the Ministry of Finance website. The victims are invited to complete an application form, after submitting their information, the victim will then receive an acknowledgement email from a fake email [email protected], Ileka claimed.
“The Ministry of Finance, hereby informs the public that we have not issued such web link and further that the Ministry of Finance does not have such a product or project,” said Ileka.
“The public is advised to resist this scam and most importantly, refrain from exchanging any information or providing personal details/bank account details via the malicious web link and the associated application form,” he added.