Fight over CEO contract extension

02 August 2021 | Local News



Although the Helao Nafidi council management committee extended the contract of its CEO Inge Ipinge (65) until end of 2022, urban and rural development ministry executive director Nghidinwa Daniel said the minister’s decision to reject the extension stands.

Minister Erastus Uutoni wrote to the municipality that he rejects their recommendation because council’s decision is not in line with the Local Authorities Act 1992 (Act No.23 of 1992) as amended.

Labour expert Herbert Jauch said legally there is no problem with the town’s decision to extend Ipinge’s contract as Namibia does not have the law which compels people to leave work after retiring at 60.

Yesterday, Uutoni said he was not aware of his decision being defied by the town’s leadership and referred Namibian Sun to Daniel, who shared his sentiments.

Daniel, however, pointed out that as per the Local Authority Act, Uutoni has the final say as the council only has the power to make recommendations to the minister.

“The position remains as communicated by the minister. His decision is final as far as the Act is concerned,” he said.

No comment

Ipinge's employment contract is set to end on 6 August, but the council’s management committee recommended that it be extended to 30 December 2022.

Helao Nafidi management committee chair Sakaria Haimbili refused to comment on the matter, and said the town’s mayor, Darius Shaalukeni, is the only one authorised to engage the media. Shaalukeni’s phone was not reachable.

A week ago, he told Namibian Sun that the seven Swapo councillors will have to defend their decision to keep Ipinge on and reply to the minister’s letter.

Ipinge is the younger sister of Swapo vice president Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah.

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