Federation All Stars in November

Late Tjatindi honoured

14 October 2019 | Sports


Teams from different rural areas will battle each other in a football and netball tournament hosted to commemorate the late Aaron K. Tjatindi on 8 November.

It is the first tournament organised to honour one of Epukiro's heroes of his time.

The spectacle will attract some of the finest football and netball tournaments the rural areas have to offer.

The Namibia Rural Sports Development Federation has pledged N$40 000 towards the tournament, of which N$28 000 is for football and N$12 000 for netball.

One of the organisers, the late Aaron Tjatindi's son Alphons Tjatindi, said the tournament will contribute towards the development of rural football. It is indeed something very special to us and many people who knew my father.

“Football is a very important thing and we are just there to help it get developed with this kind of tournament.

“All Rural Federation teams are encouraged to enter this competition and help us make it a success,” Tjatindi said. The registration fee for football and netball teams is N$2 000.

The winners in the football category will walk away with N$13 000 and gold medals, while the runners-up will receive N$7000 plus silver medals and the third- and fourth-place finishers will receive N$4 000 and bronze medals.

The winners in the netball category will be rewarded with N$6 000 and a trophy plus 12 gold medals, while the second-placed finishers will get N$3 000 and silver medals. Semi-finalists will receive N$1 500.

Born on 12 December 1931, the late Tjatindi was one of the many individuals who resisted the removal from the Old Location. Tjatindi was shot in the leg on 10 December 1959 after rioting against the apartheid government.

He also served as an advisor to the late OvaMbanderu Chief II Munjuku Nguvauva.