Export meat for Namibians

Meatco primal cuts now available locally

05 June 2019 | Agriculture

Meatco has started to make export quality meat available on local shelves for Namibians to purchase.

The meat processor and marketing entity last week announced the launch of its export quality products on the shelves of local retailers as from 1 June.

The company said in a statement that its primal cuts such as rump, fillet and strip loin will be available in Wernhil Park's Food Lover's Market from this past Saturday.

“Meatco has decided to put the export quality meat on local shelves in order for Namibians to experience the same quality that the company produces for international markets,” the company said.

Namibian meat products are available in many overseas markets, including the European Union, Norway, the United Kingdom, Reunion, China and selected African countries.

Meatco spokesperson Rosa Hamukuaja-Thobias said by penetrating the local market, the company will regain market share, as part of the trade ministry's Growth at Home strategy, which is aimed at diversifying the economy and encouraging local value-addition and consumption.

“At Meatco we do not compromise on the quality of our beef. It is the best or nothing, at all times, in order to keep the trust our clients have in our meat,” she said.

Hamukuaja-Thobias said as the company's vision states, Meatco will have the most sought-after meat brands in selected markets in the long-term interests of stakeholders.

“We put this into practice by guaranteeing that our clients get consistently high-quality products every single time.”