Exam fears?

28 July 2020 | Education

Anna Lucia Ipangelwa & Sylvia Ugwanga

A guide to be well-prepped for exams

As 2020 matriculants, the common goal is, of course, to perform well in the upcoming final exams and make our families proud. This can be very nerve-wrecking, especially during these uncertain times when the massive workload and pressure is all on your shoulders.

Do not fear, next year you will surely be enrolled in that nice university doing the course of your choice. These tips will leave you exam stress-free, confident and ready for those good grades.

Day before exams

· Revise your work. Relearn and understand work done during the academic year. Make notes, diagrams (mind maps or spider diagrams) or do group revision. This will help remembering the content.

· Make time for your studies. Allocate enough time for studying with at least 10-minute breaks to allow the studied content to settle. This will help most learners who can’t concentrate for long periods.

· Get some exercise. This will stimulate proper blood circulation to the brain, but also aid in relieving anxiety. A jog, push ups or squats, the choice is yours.

Day of exams

· Get enough sleep. Go to bed early and set your alarm clock at least an hour earlier so you be in no hurry and can leave early.

· Eat a proper breakfast. Without breakfast, you will have less energy for concentration. Avoid junk food (e.g. chocolates or carbonated drinks) as they give a sudden surge of energy but will run out quickly and leave you feeling deflated. Have banana at least as a snack.

· Do not study new topics. This might cause unnecessary stress and you need to concentrate for your exams. Remember to have all the necessary stationery with you.

During exams

· Breathe in deeply through your nose and out slow through your mouth.

· Pay attention to instructions and what the invigilators say.

· Fill in and re-check the required details on the front of your answer booklet.

· Check that you have all the pages.

· Answer all the questions, even if you are uncertain of the answer. Attempted answers can gain you marks.

· To save time, move on to the next questions if you struggle to answer.

· And finally, go through your work if you have time to spare. Ensure details (name, surname, ID number, centre number and candidate number) are correct.

After exams

· Relax and do not review your answers after writing exams. This will disturb your concentration for your next studies.

· Do not be hard on yourself. Take good care of yourself mentally and physically, be positive and envision your success. Remember, exam results do not measure intelligence. Adios! Varsity awaits.