Establishing a ­partnership and careers

27 July 2021 | Education

Jeanette Diergaardt

On 30 June 2021, Unam and Atlantic III signed an agreement to provide Unam students and graduates with on-the-job training by offering them a paid internship at the company. The interns will be expected to assist the company in its day-to-day operations in the field of business strategy and law.

Lovisa Nghipandulwa, Unam's industry and cooperative education coordinator, said, “Unam values this partnership as it records to call for the industries to work closely with us in enhancing student employability and skill.”

More about the interns

Two of the students are currently in their fourth year whereas one student recently graduated.

Juanri Camm serves as a business strategy intern and graduated with an honours degree in sociology and industrial psychology. Okeri Tjipeua is a law intern and is in his final year studying for his honours degree in law, whereas Selma George, also a final-year student, is working as a strategy planner and is currently majoring in business and finance.

Camm says her work involves providing operational support in strategy formulation, assisting in the organisational development process as well as providing support for client engagements and doing macroeconomic research. Furthermore, she dreams to one day be a director as she would like to pursue further interest in organisational development.

The work that Tjipeua does at Atlantic III involves doing legal research and analysing legal documents. Tjipeua says the internship will help him develop his skills as a legal professional. He says there are few internship opportunities available for graduates. “This is resulting in graduates finding it difficult to practise the knowledge they obtained from school since they never had the necessary exposure.”

A little motivation

George says she is grateful for the opportunity to gain more experience and grow professionally. “I was also scared at the same time, seeing it is a new experience being in the work field and gaining new experiences,” says George.

The three interns had a word of advice for other graduates looking for internships and job opportunities.

George: “I would advise them to not give up and apply to any potential opportunity. Networking is another important aspect in securing internships and employment.”

Juanri: “Explore other innovative ways to reach potential employers such as engagements through their company media platforms, attending and networking at company corporate social events.”

Tjipeua: “Avail yourself of any opportunity that comes up, even the pro-bono ones, because at the end of the day you will walk away with valuable experience.”