Erongo’s ‘slow’ vaccine roll-out

Only 1 938 vaccinated

26 July 2021 | Health



Erongo governor Neville Andre has announced that he will be inflating the region’s daily vaccination target from 400 to 1 000 through the establishment of the Erongo Vaccination Campaign for Covid-19.

The governor set his sights on vaccinating 68% of Erongo (roughly 121 000 individuals), but as of Tuesday, he announced that only 1 938 of the region’s residents have been fully vaccinated.

“The slow uptake could be due to a number of factors such as insufficient human resources, a scarcity of vaccines and misinformation,” Andre said.

In light of this, he said social media platforms will be engaged extensively to combat misinformation.

Andre also noted with concern that specifically younger age groups are not being vaccinated.

The office of the governor - in collaboration with the health ministry - hopes to establish 16 more vaccination sites as well as dispatch one mobile vaccination team to every district in the region.

The aim of the mobile teams will be to reach out to the elderly and the disabled who cannot physically visit a vaccination site as well as those in outlying areas.

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