Erongo hospitals have space, Jonas assures

23 July 2021 | Health



Hospitals across the Erongo Region have adequate space, health director Anna Jonas says.

She encouraged the public with Covid-19 to seek medical attention before they are too sick. She made the remarks during Erongo governor Neville Andre’s bi-weekly media address.

“This is vital in the case of those living far from hospitals that are equipped with Covid wards. People can go to their nearest clinic and explain the situation, and they will be helped and transferred to equipped hospitals as necessary. We are urging people to not stay home and pretend they are fine until it gets out of hand,” Jonas said.

She noted that home deaths in Swakopmund are a concern, adding that although the trend is mainly observed in Windhoek, Erongo recorded an estimated 10 home deaths in the past two weeks.

“Timely intervention and treatment is vital in preventing Covid-19 deaths,” she said.

Facility under review

The health director confirmed that a Covid-19 facility - to be set up at the Tamariskia town hall by Erongo Regional Council chairperson Ciske Howard-Smith’s Covid-19 Task Force - is still under review.

This process will be completed once the health ministry gives clearance.

“We have assessed and given comment on the planned facility. Once those points are addressed, they can submit for approval at national level,” Jonas said.

She added that, thanks to Andre’s recently-launched vaccination campaign, all district hospitals in Erongo administer Covid-19 vaccines during the week, with the exception of Walvis Bay, where vaccinations are only done at Welwitschia hospital.

According to Jonas, the Karibib, Kuisebmond and Omaruru vaccination centres are only able to administer vaccines on alternate days due to complications with available staff.

Residents of Henties Bay can get vaccinated at the clinic on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, while Arandis residents can get the jab on Wednesdays and Fridays.

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