Entertainment dreams and aspirations

05 July 2019 | Columns

Like most people influenced by the Namibian entertainment scene, from the time I was around 14 years old, I wanted to do something in the entertainment world.

I learned early in life that I cannot sing or rap, so being a musician was not an option from the start. I had sketching skills, but graffiti material was too expensive (why is that stuff so pricy?) and there was no wall I could polish that skill on without sparking anger. I dabbled in radio presenting and DJing under the alias Mike Swagganova (do not ask me how that came about) in my final year of university, wrote radio scripts and read news bulletins, and eventually, thank goodness, print journalism took me away and made me realise I am better off doing behind-the-scenes work.

Still, as I continue growing I know that entertainment isn't a 'thing', it is not going to be a phase that I look back on later in my life and think: “Wow, I cannot believe I used to be so in love the entertainment industry.” It was woven into the fabric of my life from an early age; it is life.

When I developed my mind and knew myself better, I eventually found myself working in the entertainment arena after all - except instead of a mic, I have a camera and instead of a stage, I have these pages. I thought sharing my story was necessary for all the young Michaels out there enamoured with the entertainment culture but either not talented in the conventional ways or are, but have other strengths that could better the entertainment industry and community at large. As the Namibian entertainment industry develops as a business it requires specialised skills; entertainment lawyers, brand consultants, accountants, publicists, songwriters, engineers, music publishers and directors. In this issue we feature a personality who has used his skills to contribute to the growth of Namibia's entertainment industry, gave others opportunities and recently got the nod of recognition by Forbes Africa – I am talking about Luis Munana.

Moreover, my story is about dreams and aspirations, and our cover star Waka embodies that spirit. As he prepares to release his fourth album, Waka gets into a challenging yet rewarding journey of fighting for your dreams to come true, no matter what. We caught up with him and found out what his forthcoming album will entail, and more.

Seeing that it is midyear, we also caught up with other artists who are preparing to release summer albums including Tulisan and JizziManiak.

As usual there is a whole lot more in this edition that I am obstructing you from getting to so that you may find out for yourself without any spoilers. I hope you enjoy it all and do not let them tell you that you cannot do it. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be a musician or an actor or anything that has to do with being in the forefront of a production, but it is important to realise that there is so much else you can do that is equally important and exciting in the entertainment space. Until next time, it is goodbye for now!!!

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