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The king of 'not here for a long time, but a good time'

16 February 2021 | Youth

Pull quote: “Before my establishment, I did things that I'm not proud of, but now I am boldly doing it for all for the right reasons - to support my family.” – Mansy Amamub, owner of Bombaai Lifestyle

Michelline Nawatises

Bombaai Lifestyle is an entertainment place described by the owner, Mansy Amamub, as “Namibia's unsurpassed shisha nyama [grilled meat]”.

Bombaai Lifestyle came into existence in 2018, and employs two.

Amamub said their target is to expand the business as it grows to other towns as they are currently only situated in the harbour town.

“We are inspired by the Eyadini Lounge in South Africa and we aim to do it bigger and better,” he said.

He said the spark to create Bombaai Lifestyle came from his cousin, Danny Ribeiro. They had a bar in Windhoek and Ongwediva called The Grand Pub. When he was in grade 10, Amamub saw how the bar's business was growing.

“I saw then that this is my cup of tea and this is where I want to invest in,” he said.

Rising from the ashes

When Amamub failed grade 10, his mom wanted to buy a car, so she built a garage. He saw that the space was big enough for what he wanted to invest in and told his mom it's best if they open a bar and get something out of it rather than just parking a car.

He mentioned he was notorious and never concentrated in school growing up.

“In grade four, my teacher asked the whole class 'what is your dream if you grow up?', and I said I want to be my own boss. I don't want to work for anybody,” he recalled.

Years later, his friend applauded him for being persistent about his dream.

Amamub added that he used to do things he is not proud of but he's happy of what he achieved so far. “Before my establishment, I did things that I'm not proud of, but now I am boldly doing it all for the right reasons - to support my family,” he said.

Setbacks and comebacks

In 2018, the business started with just N$5 000. They stocked the bar and managed to generate N$20 000, so the business was growing. But at the time, Amamub was not aware of the procedures of owning a licence to operate. “This led to a confiscation and the bar was closed for about six months in 2019 as we had to apply for a licence,” he said.

Once he got the licence, Bombaai Lifestyle started small again and recovered.

“Now we see profits. From the money of about three beer crates, we manage to get another 60 crates, and this is only made possible by the unwavering support of my dear customers,” he said.

One of the achievements of Bombaai Lifestyle is obtaining a qualified chef which operates 'Mansy's Munchies'. Mansy's Munchies and Bombaai Lifestyle are a paid partnership.

Another achievement is that the bar now maintains itself. “If we have to renovate the bar, it comes straight from it and not from my pocket anymore,” he added.

Understanding the concept of a job creator

Amamub said the creation of something is not easy and demands persistence. He advises the youth to never stop trying.

“We are not the same, some of us are street and school smart,” he said. He explained that he created Bombaai Lifestyle to sustain the needs of his family.

“My sister is 'school smart' and I will support her to complete her high school and further study accounting once she reaches tertiary level, and be an accountant for my business,” he said.

He advised the youth and any individual who wants to start their own business to go ahead as it is the greatest path you can take.

“We don't have job creation in Namibia, we need to create jobs,” he said. Amamub added that the youth should not to do it for fame or to show off as it becomes expensive to entertain people.

“Invest your money and never put it to rest,” he said.

Facts about Amamub

1. He is inspired by Jigamoney from South Africa, the founder of Iyadini Lounge.

2. One thing he knows how to do well (or better than most) is cooking.

3. He is all about his Bible. “That's why most see me with blessings coming through.”

4. His favourite comfort food is porridge with Lucky Star fish made by his mom.

5. Besides the businesses he owns, he always dreamt of being an architect.

6. Amamub used to sell cigarettes, chips and cut hair at school.

7. His two favourite subjects at school were English and entrepreneurship.

8. He considers himself a jack of all trades.