Embracing the power of knowledge

Without challenges there is no growth

22 November 2019 | Banking

Evany van Wyk

Taleni Nengola wakes up each morning ready to eat challenges for breakfast. Not literally, but you challenges better sleep with one eye open because this ambitious and empowered woman will not stand back for anything.

“I am faced with challenges on a regular basis. The work environment is set up in a way which allows me to continuously learn new things, therefore constantly providing me with the opportunity to better myself,” she says.

Nengola is the regulatory manager at Nedbank and has been with the bank since February 2018. She describes the work environment as enjoyable and says she is especially fond of the inclusive, people-centred culture of the bank.

Nengola holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, as well as a Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting (DipAcc), from Rhodes University in South Africa. She does however remember wanting to be an actress for the longest time, then a dentist and eventually a businesswoman.

Nengola says she is happy about the career choice she has made to become a chartered accountant. This way she has access to a vast number of opportunities where growth and development are a given. “I’m excited to continue exploring throughout my career,” she says.

Her overall responsibility as regulatory manager is to report back to the regulator in terms of submissions and compliance with legislative requirements.

“In simple terms, I play a role in ensuring that Nedbank is in compliance with the requirement set out by the Central Bank of Namibia,” Nengola explains.

Her beliefs and values are something that she holds dear to her heart. One of those beliefs being that between 08:00 and 17:00 the most effective and productive work can be done. According to her it is only during certain periods of increased work where she makes the decision to take work home but that seldom happens.

Nengola entered the banking industry right after her articles were signed off and she had no idea what to expect. Looking back now she is grateful that she believed in her own abilities and was brave enough to take a leap of faith.

“The knowledge I have acquired over the last two years is invaluable. I consider my ability to turn obstacles in my career into learning opportunities as an accomplishment that has made me very adaptable,” she says.

“We have all been placed on earth for a specific purpose, therefore I am constantly working towards my self-discovery, in order to better understand and align myself with my God-given talents and his plan for my life.”

Nengola is confident that no matter what life throws at her, the right attitude will get her through it and valuable lessons will be learnt along the way.