EES drops second single off forthcoming album

18 June 2021 | Art and Entertainment



Kwaito artist EES recently dropped his second single of the long-awaited ‘Game Changer’ album.

Since the start of his career, EES has broken many clichés or norms in the industry.

From his first big hit ‘International’ to his many collaborations with artists in various genres, he has definitely united a nation under the Namibian flag, not caring much about what people say to him, about what he should or should not do with his background.

Quite early on, he had the vision of taking Namibian music to another level internationally and EES has proven that he can do this on multiple occasions already.

But it hasn't always been sunshine and roses, as with success come the haters and doubters. All this and more has been summarised on his new single, ‘100’.

High-quality video

A minimal style Afrobeat track, the chorus starts with: "They said I couldn't do it - but I done it!"

The track is complemented by a high-quality video shot by Berlin-based production company Bloom Collective and directed by Felix Spitta. Spitta was invited by EES to Namibia and shot the video at various local locations.

The kwaito artist shared that the support of local businesses - including Cymot and Pick n Pay – has been overwhelmingly positive. “They closed the shop and let us shoot till late at night with the whole camera team, giving us the opportunity to shoot at locations that are usually not easy to shoot at!"

The single is available on digital streaming platforms.