Editor’s Note

17 November 2020 | Education

Andy Helmuth Gaseb

Here we stand as graduates, at 17 or 18 years of life, and 12 years of schooling behind us. We have all the bumps and bruises of adolescents.

The world we live in is plagued with dangers; coronavirus, rape, climate change and gender-based violence, but coronavirus was beyond my imagination. All my plans were lost and I became alone. I looked up but I could not see the stars at night. When I started feeling lost, I remembered my face in the mirror. Despite all the odds, we still managed to graduate. At the same time, we all make mistakes, since we could not allow ourselves to become so caught up in the past that we forget about the future or the present.

When I say to live without regrets, I also mean not letting the moments pass by; those special minutes, hours and days that will remain with you all of your life. If you forget to stop and look around you, you are left with little or nothing.

Think of the things you have learned, how you have grown in every sense, think of how destined today seemed. Just as today came it would be gone in memories, so cherish each moment.

Now, at the end of our careers as learners, we have countless opportunities to find and pursue our passions and leave our mark. William Shakespeare once said, "Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them.”

In life we cannot always count on being born great or having greatness thrust upon us, but always remember that the opportunity to achieve greatness is within our grasp.

Keep in mind that many of our social and political leaders started their lives as average persons, like you and me. Despite the failures and mistakes we will make, and although we may be average, average can achieve greatness, whether recognised by the whole world or just a few.

If there is anything you take from today, remember to leave a legacy and to achieve greatness. It is not to get money and recognition; it is to leave those with whom you cross paths a little more happiness and hope.

Our time as a senior class will not be remembered by grades and popularity, but by the relationships we have built.