EDITORIAL: Fix Windhoek’s leadership mess

30 July 2021 | Opinion

Windhoek is without political leadership. But that’s not the saddest part. The fact that, for a week, nothing concrete has been hammered out to restore consensus and place the city back on course is.

The sheer lack of urgency in resolving what is clearly a political crisis will explode. And when that atomic bomb detonates, no one in this city will be spared of anguish and suffering.

There were fears, just after the 2020 elections that drove Swapo out of major urban centres, that the ruling party would deliberately frustrate the development agenda in order to set up the opposition for failure.

What we are witnessing right now, especially in the nation’s capital, is a case of coalition partners who have dug themselves into a deep trench, from which blame games are willowing.

The fact that in the middle of a pandemic council could not sit on Wednesday to map out ways in which to help the sick with mooted accommodation at the City-owned Ramatex compound is the clearest sign yet why residents are the biggest sacrificial lambs of this egocentric political skirmish.

Yet, come month-end, these self-serving councillors will wait for their banks to report that their monthly stipends have trickled in – but for what exactly?

If the current coalition isn’t working, let councillors of good conscience go back to the drawing board and find new partners – even if it means joining hands with their nemesis Swapo.