ECN geared up for voter registration

05 July 2019 | Local News

The Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) is ready to kick off its supplementary voter registration period for the upcoming presidential and National Assembly elections that will take place in November.

The commission also announced yesterday that for the first time in its history it had not recruited civil servants and would be making use of unemployed youth.

ECN chairperson Notemba Tjipueja, announced that the 2019 supplementary registration of voters will kick off on 8 July.

She also said the total number of registered voters currently stood at 1.2 million, with Khomas leading with 230 193 voters, followed by Omusati with 133 593 and Ohangwena with 130 725.

The least number of registered voters are in Omaheke (41 370).

The ECN statistics also show that generally women are the most keen to register to vote in the four O-regions, as well as in Kavango and Zambezi, while in Erongo, Hardap, //Karas and Omaheke men seem to be more inclined to vote.

Tjipueja said the commission requires 856 vehicles for registration purposes and has so far managed to secure 712 government vehicles.

“We have always looked at private individuals to assist, to hire out their vehicles at rates that we feel are reasonable. These rates are contractually entered into with the owners of the vehicles. It is really not a question of anyone scoring, but a mutual rate agreed between the ECN and the owners of the vehicles,” she said.

Mujoro added the ECN pays N$1 200 for the use of a 4x4 and N$1 000 for a 2x4 vehicle per day, while the owner covers the fuel for these vehicles.

Meanwhile, the ECN has secured five trucks and two helicopters to access inaccessible areas in the Kunene Region, where road infrastructure is almost non-existent.

In addition, Tjipeuja added that the Zambezi regional council has supplied towboats to be used in flood-prone areas.

Tjipueja said 15 days from 9 September have been earmarked for political parties to table their objections to the inclusion of names on the provisional voters' register at electoral tribunals.

“The electoral tribunals are expected to deliver their verdicts on objections lodged… during the period 9-24 September and only then can the final voters' registries be determined and finalised,” she said.

“The ECN is urging all eligible Namibians who do not already have a voter's card to go in droves to the registration points to register themselves,” she said.