Drunken parade scene embarrasses cops

08 June 2020 | Police



A policeman in the Oshana Region faces disciplinary charges for causing a drunken spectacle at a police parade in Oshakati, while a teacher who appeared in a viral video drinking next to a police car will be criminally charged.

The policeman disrupted the launch of phase two of Operation Namib Desert at Oshakati on Friday.

While the regional police commander, Commissioner Rauha Amwele, was addressing the parade, the man decided he had had enough, sat down and took off his shoes.

“You people like wasting time and you don't finish talking. I am tired and will sit down to rest,” he shouted.

Parade commander, Chief Inspector Johannes Mweyanale, ordered two of his colleagues to take the officer away in a police van.

“Things like this are happening because you commanders don't inspect your people. This person must be charged with immediate effect because we cannot be humiliated like this,” said a dismayed Amwele.

When asked for comment yesterday, the regional commander said: “The officer will be charged for showing up drunk on duty, however the commander will give a brief report on the officer's drinking history. We have to find out if he is a regular drinker or whether he just drank on that specific day.

'The force has its own social worker who deals with police social wellbeing and we will take him there as well.”

Drinking teacher

At Katima Mulilo, a teacher has been arrested after a video circulated on social media, showing him drinking next to a police car. The man will appear before the Katima Mulilo Magistrate's Court today. “After seeing the video, the police launched a hunt to trace the perpetrator and it was later discovered that he is a teacher in the Zambezi Region. He will be charged with violating the Covid-19 regulations and the Liquor Act,” said police spokesperson Kauna Shikwambi. “His action was pure provocation and disrespect of authority and that cannot be condoned. The public must learn to respect the law enforcers and their hard work, and cooperate at all times,” Deputy Commissioner Shikwambi said.