Drugs worth N$2.5 million seized in two months

09 June 2021 | Crime



Drugs to the value of about N$2.5 million were seized during the past two months, and 229 suspects were arrested.

A total of 92 suspects were arrested in connection with drug-related crimes during May.

Of these suspects 92 were Namibians, one was an Angolan and one a South African.

According to statistics provided by the police, drugs to the value of N$816 780 were seized.

This included 77 998 kg of cannabis to the value of N$779 980, 125 Mandrax tablets to the value of N$15 000, 33 grams of cocaine powder to the value of N$16 500 and 53 units of crack cocaine to the value of N$5 300.

In April, the total value of illicit drugs seized exceeded N$1.932 million and 137 suspects were arrested.

The suspects were 124 Namibians, four Zambians, three Zimbabweans, two Angolans, two South Africans, a Burundian and a Nigerian.

Statistics indicated that 1 596 kg of dagga to the value of 515 960 was seized during April.

Meth mule

Also, 76 Mandrax tablets to the value of N$9 120 were confiscated as well as 53 grams of cocaine powder valued at N$26 500, 108 units of crack cocaine to the value of N$10 800 and 2.7 grams of crystal methamphetamine to the value of N$1 370.

The crystal methamphetamine was seized when two women, a 31-year-old Namibian and a 33-year-old Zimbabwean, ] were arrested at Hosea Kutako International Airport on 14 April.

They were found with three parcels of 2 740 grams of the drug, which the Zambian woman had allegedly smuggled into Namibia from South Africa. She gave this to the Namibian woman, who was scheduled to travel to Brazil, at the airport.

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