Drought assistance welcomed

03 June 2019 | Agriculture

The Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) has welcomed the positive response by Namibians in terms of assisting with drought relief efforts.

Kambwa Trading and Onambula Investment Group were specifically highlighted in a media release by the OPM, for having implemented a discount package on maize meal targeting vulnerable community members.

This follows the declaration of a drought state of emergency on 7 May.

Following this declaration the government called for assistance in cash and kind to assist affected communities.

According to the OPM drought relief efforts require a multidimensional approach. “It is for this reason that the emergency operations in the regions are spearheaded by regional national disaster committees, which are established by governors in each region, as per the Disaster Risk Management Act, in addition to the national efforts that are coordinated under the Office of the Prime Minister,” the media statement said.

The OPM has also received a cash donation of N$250 000 from Swakop Uranium. Kambwa Trading provides agricultural services to subsistence farmers and owns various shops in different towns, mostly in northern Namibia, while Onambula Investment Group is a Windhoek-based construction and project management company.

The businesses are providing a direct subsidy to affected community members. “The government welcomes this initiative and all other similar ones.”

The OPM further urged all Namibians to play their part in responding to the clarion call for assistance, in order to optimise support to those who are affected by the drought and who are unable to cope with the situation on their own.

The OPM also acknowledged, with appreciation, the pledges of support received from foreign governments and international organisations.