Doors open at Martti Ahtisaari

Moving away from the platoon system

01 October 2019 | Education

Ester Kamati

Martti Ahtisaari Primary School, which has been in existence for nearly 27 years, is located in the heart of Katutura and has become not only a learning facility, but a second home for many learners in the area.

Due to space restrictions, the school still makes use of the platoon system, where some of the learners have to attend afternoon lessons.

The inauguration of four new classrooms has given impetus to plans to eliminate this system at the school, said acting education minister Martin Andjaba.

Andjamba further thanked the Japanese government for their contribution to Namibia’s education system through the great classroom initiative.

He implored the school staff to ensure that the new infrastructure is taken care of, so it can accommodate future generations.

Hideaki Harada, the ambassador of Japan to Namibia, expressed great satisfaction at the handover the infrastructure. Through the initiative, 162 of the 323 grade 2 and 3 pupils, who currently attend afternoon lessons, can now be accommodated in the mornings.

“We believe that an investment in children is an investment in the future of a country,” Harada said, while explaining why their main area of funding remains education.

School principal Romanus Garoeb reassured the invited guests of the school’s dedication towards quality education and equal opportunities for all. He added they will continue to work hard to transform the school, in the hopes of making it the best school in the Katutura constituency.

Selma Lintamba, a grade 3 pupil at the school, shared that when parents and siblings leave in the mornings for work and school, respectively, Martti Ahtisaari pupils are left at home alone and sometimes end up being late for school, because nobody reminds them when it is time to go to school.

She added that learners often do not have access to extra lessons, as they take place during their regular lesson times.

“I am not good at mathematics but I cannot attend extra classes because they start at 14:00,” she said, adding that most of her peers have the same problem.