Disabled girl gang raped by 12 boys

No arrests made in horrific abuse

22 May 2020 | Crime

Kenya Kambowe


Police in Kavango East are investigating a case of a 14-year-old disabled girl from Rundu's Kaisosi location who was allegedly repeatedly raped by 12 boys.

The alleged suspects are aged 14 to 18, and one of them is the victim's cousin.

While regional crime coordinator, deputy commissioner Bonifatius Kanyetu, confirmed the case, he refused to shed more light as police investigations are still underway.

Namibian Sun has learnt that the alleged rapes occurred between 23 December 2019 and Wednesday, 13 May, when the victim finally spoke out.

Neighbourhood suspects

Apart from the victim's cousin, the alleged suspects are all her neighbours.

The victim's cousin allegedly snuck her out of the house at night, and the alleged suspects took turns to rape her.

Her story was narrated by her parents, who learnt about the rapes last week.

She confided what happened to her mother who noticed a behavioural change in her daughter.

“I was so angry. I wanted to go and beat up those boys and thereafter go to call the Namibian Police Special Reserve to beat them up,” the victim's father said. The victim's cousin confessed and provided the names of the other suspects, the father said.

Family wants justice

The victim's mother told Namibian Sun that the situation has affected her psychologically as she is not at peace with that happened. “I am not happy with what happened to my daughter. It touched me psychologically,” she said.

What makes matters worse, she added, is that some of the parents of the alleged suspects are not remorseful as they are threatening them and blaming the victim for what happened.

“My daughter did not know whether what was happening to her was wrong, which is why she did not speak out earlier but now she understands and she looks lost.”

The family said all they want is justice for what happened to their child.

Not uncommon

When contacted for comment, local psychologist Shaun Whittaker said cases of disabled persons being exploited are not uncommon.

“It's unfortunate that this sexual violence is not uncommon.

It is very common that special children, more especially the female special child, are definite targets as men do try and take advantage of them,” Whittaker said.

He added that these cases can leave families traumatised if they do not receive proper counselling.