Dilapidated Henties isolation facility receives attention

20 July 2020 | Health



Erongo regional governor Neville Andre says work started on Friday to clean the dilapidated isolation facility at Henties Bay.

In his weekly Covid-19 briefing at Swakopmund on Friday, Andre said his office had received five cleaners from the central government to ensure that the venue is suitable for Covid-19 patients.

“The cleaners needed to go through training to ensure that they are not at risk of also being infected by the virus.

“These cleaners need to be trained because they are going into an area where there are people who are Covid-19 positive.” “They needed to be trained how to get into those facilities and they have started Friday in terms of cleaning so that they can keep the place clean at all times,” said Andre.


This comes after a disgruntled Walvis Bay resident who recently tested positive for Covid-19 complained about conditions at the isolation facility, where he was sent after he had received his test results. The complainant, who chose to remain anonymous, works as a contract manager for a cleaning company tasked to clean a hospital at the coast.

He said the patients were the ones cleaning the facility when he arrived there last week. “We decided to divide ourselves into groups to clean the facility because there is no cleaner hired to do so,” he said in a telephonic interview.


He said there were only three toilets for 51 patients, of which only one flushed, and only one washbasin had running water. He further said the soap dispenser in the bathroom was constantly empty, there were no paper towels in the bathroom's dispenser and no dustbins in the bathrooms.

“There is not even any hand sanitiser available. The bathroom at the isolation facility does not have warm water,” the patient complained.

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