Crime wave still continues unabated

Murders, rapes and robberies abound

30 January 2018 | Crime

January ended with a violent month-end weekend with multiple murders reported across the country and various cases of violence against women.

A man this weekend tried to kill his girlfriend and then committed suicide.

According to the police the 47-year-old Willem Basson shot his 48-year-old girlfriend on Saturday night in Otjomuise.

He then went to his residence where he shot and killed himself. His girlfriend was rushed to Katutura hospital for treatment. The motive for the attempted murder and suicide is not known. In a separate incident in Wanaheda on Saturday night at about 00:00 at the Okasisiti bar in Hakahana, Lugambo Simon Natangwe, 37, was stabbed with a knife in the neck and died instantly. The suspect fled the scene and has not been arrested.

In another incident at Usakos on Saturday at about 03:00, two suspects allegedly stabbed a 24-year-old man at his house while he was with his girlfriend.

It is alleged that the two suspects went to the man's house and called him outside. They then assaulted and stabbed him with a sharp object in the chest. The victim apparently fell to the ground and died. One suspect was arrested. A pursuit for the second suspect is underway.

A 45-year-old man was hit with a hammer on the forehead and died on Saturday in Wanaheda.

It is alleged that the suspect and the deceased, Josef Fillemon, were fighting when the incident occurred.

The suspect allegedly overpowered Fillemon and removed the hammer from him, using it against him which resulted in a fatal blow.

The suspect was also hit with the hammer. The suspect was admitted to Katutura State Hospital with head injuries and a broken right arm.

Meanwhile, an argument over traditional beer on Friday at Aussenkehr lead to a 53-year-old man shooting a 37-year-old man on his left upper arm. According to the police the incident occurred at about 18:30 at a cuca shop at Block 5.

The victim was admitted in Karasburg State Hospital in a stable condition. The suspect was arrested and the firearm seized.

Stabbed and raped

In a separate incident on Saturday in Mariental between 23:00 and midnight at Withuis, a 30-year- old man stabbed a 21-year-old woman at the back of her head with a knife.

He forcefully dragged her to his residence and raped her. The suspect was arrested.

In another case on Friday in Otjiwarongo in the bushes behind the railway station a 24-year-old man raped a cognitively disabled woman. It is alleged that he found the victim at 435 Club and dragged her to the bushes where he raped her. A security guard who witnessed the event, alerted the police. The suspect was arrested. In a grisly find, human remains were found about 5km from a farm house at farm Grundoringflashe in the Rehoboth area, by a farmer who was looking for his cattle.

It is alleged that after the police were alerted the remains were identified as a 94-year-old man who was reported missing on 3 December last year. He was identified by the clothes he was wearing when reported missing. In Ovitoto on Saturday, three boys found a decomposed body of a 41-year-old man in a corrugated iron shack while herding cattle. The cause of death is being investigated.