Creating that feeling of home

Crafting lasting experiences

07 June 2019 | Tourism

Ester Kamati

Founded and managed by Lubowski Kadila, Anchor Adventures is a tourism company with operators offering customised individual tours in Namibia, Zambia, Botswana and South Africa, among other neighbouring countries.

They specialise in authentic cultural tourism which brings together locals and travellers alike for more personal and intercultural encounters.

For people who seek a new travelling experience that transcends the beautiful deserts, landscapes and safaris, Anchor Adventures offers that and more.

They acquaint visitors with what really makes a country - its people. This tourism company aims to embrace culture, people and their way of life, and allows visitors, who are used to a different way of living, the chance to experience this for themselves.

To ensure the future success of the business, they plan to achieve steady growth through networking with different entities as much as possible, to get the intended marketing message to the target market. Working with different people in the tourism industry is also part of their aim, in order to reach both their domestic and international markets and give visitors a memorable experience.

With staff that are dedicated to continuously conducting intensive research and learning how to best deliver their services to all their clients, in a manner that satisfies their travelling expectations, it is evident that these tour operators go the extra mile to ensure client satisfaction.

Creating travel packages, customised for the different clientele, is how they ensure that everybody has a different experience.

They always ensure that all travelling logistics are set and ready for a specific travel experience, ensuring suitable transportation, accommodation and planned activities.

Kadila, the CEO of the company, said that working in the tourism industry was something he always wanted to be part of, and with Anchor Adventures, they enable exactly what the people would like to see and experience while travelling with them.

Bringing different people together to share experiences, a drink or a meal, and simply interact, is what they are most passionate about. In addition, the partners at Anchor Adventures find satisfaction and accomplishment in creating experiences for people and seeing them smile and having fun during their travelling experiences, and according to the team that makes everything worthwhile.

Anchor adventures is always looking for ways to improve how they create experiences for their clients and the quality of the experience. The company has a varying number of team members for each trip and strategically plans who to work with.

Primarily, they have an active website and social media platforms (Facebook and Instagram) to get their message and distinct approach to tourism across to their target market. They additionally document all their tours and have them on their website from which they then tailor the different package messages that they share in order to attract new clients and retain existing clientele.

Through networking, they have managed to acquire international partners who host exhibitions, trade shows, etc. to sell tourist destinations and do the "groundwork".

Anchor Adventures keep their clients satisfied through striving to ensure personal connections with them, by being relatable and providing the best service possible.

They gain an understanding their target market, which comes with comprehending preferences and overall expectations through personal interactions and documented knowledge.

The team explains that it’s not only about understanding what their market needs, but most importantly, positioning cultural tourism as a hallmark of their existence, because this is the epicentre of the business, says Kadila.

They treasure learning experiences, and in so doing, build consumer intelligence, which ensures meeting and exceeding their expectations in terms of customer satisfaction, which guarantees loyalty in the end.

Competition is one of the challenges faced by the company, as the tourism industry is dominated by transnational companies with big market shares, which makes it difficult for emerging companies to thrive. It is for this reason that they specifically adopted a unique marketing theme (cultural tourism - people meeting people) as the focal point of the business, in order to deviate from mainstream, traditional tourism marketing themes of landscapes and wildlife.

Second to competition, getting their marketing message to the intended target market, persuading clients to rather opt for a travel experience that transcends the beautiful deserts, landscapes and safaris, with what really makes a country great - its people - has also been a challenge. Part of their marketing theme involves getting different cultures together to exchange ideas, knowledge, traditions, and to have fun. Anchor Adventures aims to create a platform for travellers and natives to indulge in a different way of life. Celebrating how amazing people are is the main goal for this company, which advocates for letting all embrace one another!

They pride ourselves on having identified a tourism theme that has long been neglected, despite the potential it holds - looking at the multitude of ethnicities that define Namibia as a multicultural country.

They take pride in promoting cultural development and the preservation of indigenous cultures and their way of life.