CoW complied with requirements

Licensing procedures

30 July 2020 | Economics

The authority and all parties concerned knew who the applicant is and no one was confused. Mihe Gaomab, board chairperson: CRAN

The City of Windhoek complied with all requirements to be granted a Telecommunications Service Licence, Communications Regulatory Authority (CRAN) board chairperson Mihe Gaomab said.

Gaomab in a media statement said CRAN hosted a public hearing on the application for reconsideration submitted by Paratus Telecommunications with regards to CRAN’s decision to award the licence to the City.

He said the application for reconsideration was submitted in terms of Section 31 of the Communications Act and regulations 11 and 20 of the regulations regarding licensing procedures for telecommunications and broadcasting service licences.

“CRAN convened the public hearing in line with Regulation 14 of the regulations regarding licensing procedures, which makes provision for CRAN to host a public consultative meeting to present the reasons for its decision to grant the licence,” Gaomab stated.

He added that the public hearing was also held to provide interested stakeholders with an opportunity to comment, pose questions and receive clarity from CRAN on its decision to award a Telecommunications Service Licence to the City of Windhoek, and on the application for reconsideration.

The public consultative meeting which was streamed live on various social media platforms was attended by 82 stakeholders and received approximately 2 000 views on various social media platforms.

Various grounds for reconsideration were received and considered, said Gaomab.

“Furthermore, the authority and all parties concerned knew who the applicant is and no one was confused as to the particulars of the applicant. To this end, this issue is perhaps best debated before a platform with inherent jurisdiction, but not for purposes of considering this application before the authority,” he said.

Gaomab further noted that the important consideration for the authority is the identity of the applicant as a person in law, which in this case has been duly identified as the Municipal Council of the Municipality of Windhoek.

“Although the application refers to the “City of Windhoek” as an applicant, the authority will not formalistically ignore an application on the basis that an applicant was not accurately described, especially when all interested parties are not confused as to the particulars of the applicant,” he said. - Nampa