Cops warn livestock farmers

06 May 2019 | Crime

The Kavango West police are calling on livestock owners to refrain from driving their animals from one village to another without the proper documentation.

Kavango West police chief of operations, Deputy Commissioner William Peter, said in a statement that since the beginning of the year, the movement of animals without proper documentation from one village to another has increased.

Peter said the illegal movement of livestock, especially cattle, was likely as a result of the current drought situation, which was forcing farmers to move their animals to better grazing areas.

“This office has experienced an increase of movements of domestic animals, mainly cattle, from village to village within the region, or from other regions into the region, since the beginning of this year.

“It is believed that some of these activities are being caused by the ongoing drought situation facing our areas,” Peter said.

“It has also been observed that some of the people do not prepare the relevant animal removal certificates from the appropriate authorities and/or persons before undertaking their journeys, as required by law.”

According to the Stock Theft Act 12 of 1990 “no person is allowed to drive, convey or transport any stock or produce of which he or she is not the owner, on or along any public road”, unless they are in possession of a certificate issued by the owner or is the duly authorised agent of the owner.

Peter said apart from farmers illegally moving their livestock to better grazing areas, their actions are also leaving the door open to stock theft.

“The intention of this programme is to enlighten the community on the importance and preservation of communal and semi-commercial economic resources, as well as to interrupt those that may try to take chances through the loopholes created by the current drought situation, to get involved in stock theft-related criminal activities within the region,” he said.

Peter called on people observing suspicious activities to report them to the nearest police station.