Cops nab 176 for drug possession in May

14 June 2019 | Police

The Namibian police arrested 176 suspects in connection with the possession of illicit drugs worth N$1.1 million in May 2019 in all the regions of the country.

According to a media statement issued by police spokesperson, Chief Inspector Kauna Shikwambi the haul of N$1 126 150 drugs seized include dry cannabis worth N$835 800 and 30 cannabis plants valued at N$300.

They also confiscated 549 mandrax tablets of N$65 880 as well as 802 units of crack cocaine estimated at N$80 200. Cocaine powder came in at 180 grams worth N$90 000 alongside 991 counterfeit 'Yes' cigarette packets costing N$53 970.

Among those arrested were 165 Namibians, one Zambian, two South Africans, four Tanzanians, three Angolans and one Congolese national.

Shikwambi added that a parent was arrested on 28 May 2019 after a minor child was caught selling drugs at a primary school in Katutura.

The parent was arrested as he allegedly gave the child the drugs.

The suspect appeared in the Katutura Magistrate's Court, paid N$600 bail and the case was postponed to 14 June 2019 for further investigations.

The police warned parents to be alert and refrain from using drugs as their children will emulate their conduct.

“Drugs can be very destructive to society, especially to children,” Shikwambi noted.

The police also urged community members to report drug dealers to the nearest police station.