Comic relief at the expo

06 November 2020 | Events

MICHAEL KAYUNDE - FreeYourMind funny men Slick, Taap, Fernando and Big Mitch are among the stand-up comedians who have been providing laughter at the expo since it kicked off on Wednesday.

Being a veteran comedian, Slick was among the opening acts and delivered a ridiculous set on Wednesday, tackling touring the country and his camping chronicles.

What made his set even more special that his subject matter was aligned with the theme of the event.

As an entertainer, Slick said 2020 has really shown whether or not you can survive and be part of the industry you claim you’re in.

“Are you really part of the entertainment industry and is this really what you want to do if a few months didn’t bring out the innovation in you?” the comedian asked.

He added that the lockdown gave him time to create content and think about what’s really important.

“I’m excited to be performing at the Namibia Tourism Expo because it is a different audience from the norm; we have been accustomed to this year of performing for a camera and a few people,” he said.


Fernando, who performed a side-splitting set at the expo yesterday, thanked Namibia Media Holdings for putting the event together and involving comedians on a bigger scale.

“Tourism and entertainment are closely linked, so it’s refreshing that the organisers were not narrow-minded about entertainment and went a step further to include comedians on top of the music line-up,” he said.

From the FreeYourMind camp, Taap and Big Mitch will grace the Namibia Tourism Expo stage today and tomorrow respectively.