Cold front upon cold front to hit Namibia

25 June 2021 | Weather



Pull closer the blankets, because a chilly week lies ahead with the first cold front to hit the country today, followed shortly by another one on Thursday.

The South is expected to experience sub-zero minimum temperatures from the weekend and will only start warming up again by next week Thursday (1 July).

According to weather forecaster Richard Nashikaku of the Namibia Meteorological Service, the country has already experienced a series of cold fronts, one of which resulted in a drop in temperatures in the South yesterday.

He said another cold front that made landfall in the Western Cape last night will result in cloudy and rainy conditions in the south-western and southern coastal areas by today.

Big chill

“Behind these rainy conditions is the cold.

“A drop in temperatures is already expected in the //Karas Region on Saturday, while by Sunday the cold air will move to the eastern sectors of the interior,” said Nashikaku.

The next cold front is forecast for Tuesday, which is expected to be even colder than the first because strong of southern winds.

Nashikaku said although the weekend will be cold in central Namibia, the big freeze will really start to set in on Monday with the second cold front pushing in.

By Wednesday, the cold air is expected to move to the eastern half of the country and then it is expected to become slightly cooler in the north-east.

Temperatures in the south are expected to be remain around sub-zero while daytime temperatures in the //Karas Region may be between 11 and 15 degrees Celsius at places.

The central area can expect minimum temperatures of between 1 and 3 degrees Celsius, while in the south-east temperatures will range between -3 and -4 degrees.

The Namibia Meteorological Service warns that the necessary precautions should be taken, as it will be very cold in the South and East next week.